Sunday, 11 December 2011


So finally I've started my blog on my obsession with all things vintage, listening, reading buying, wearing, the lot.

There are two parts to this blog:

1.I don't go for total immersion because, basically I can't fit into most vintage clothes of any period. Which is where the theme of this blog comes in... my quest to find great vintage and repro clothes. I'm living on NHS wages so I can't afford to pay out much for anything, not that it stops me from buying lots and lots of cheap things...

2. My other obsession is with bric-a-brac, I just love it. I can't get enough, even though I've filled my bedroom and am quickly overtaking the office at home with fantastic stuff I've found at charity shops, jumble sales and church fetes. Expect lots of photos of knick knacks I just couldn't leave the shop without.

Also I'll be including my love of music from the 20s to the 80s, posting links to some gems you might not have heard of . I'll be promoting my art and tentatively posting photos of my explorations into sewing and baking.

Where to start?

With this week's best buys perhaps...

English Ballet by the appropriately named Janet Leeper from the collectable King Penguin series £3

Vintage children's fabric in a rather awful modern pine frame was only 50p

and today...

 Couldn't resist this emery board for 99p from Superdrug and Collection 2000's extreme felt tip eyeliner, a must for flicks

I just couldn't resist this little fellow for £4.95, he's a children's nightlight and a copy of the cult Lapin & Me rabbit lamp

Today's musical interlude comes courtesy of Miss Kity Kallen, such a sassy song!