Saturday, 7 January 2012

Take a trip back in time with me...

Since I'm fairly new to the vintage blogging world I didn't want you to think I was one of those scenesters latching on to something that's quite popular at the moment. Heaven forbid! So, I thought I'd post a few old photos of me in vintage attire to give you all a peek into the history of Miss Simmonds. There are some gaps in my history, namely me either not thinking about taking a photo, have no social occasions with my peers to wear any vintage outfits (I had no friends as a teenager!), going through a trying to be normal phase (fool!) or later on being too drunk to remember to.

So without any further whittering, here we go!

This early photo show a penchant for dressing abnormally, most things were secondhand and it's not as if anyone I hung around with dressed normally either!

Lovely, slim and 14 with an affected attitude, not so vintage, but not a typical 90s teen. (note: the top my sister's wearing was recently in a fashion mag as a "cool retro find"

18th Birthday and in the full grip of my Sixties obsession, I had no money ever so everything I'm wearing was from a charity shop, kindly shortened by my aunt.

Age 19 and starting to love 80s fashion. Good look, might do it again, all charity shop of course, minus the sunglasses which were amazing original Bolle's from my other aunt

Hot in hats in 2004, me in ubiquitous blue velvet jacket

2007 was a great year for clothes. Original 70s platforms and 80s sequin top from retro clothes shops (evidence of impractial use of student loan)

My most favourite ever vintage dress (will add better photo later) - definitely a good reason to lose weight so I'm able to wear it again. Also great Jean Seburg haircut!

Fantastic brand new topshop dress and erm, blue tights.

Best coat ever!! £15 from a charity shop, also wearing a charity shop hat and a marilyn in some like it hot style dress from H&M

All from charity shops again.... I got rid of that polka dot plastic mac.... why??

I also got rid of this coat.... was I crazy? Was I pointlessly trying to impress potential boyfriends by dressing more conservatively? Yes, probably and I gave away an original 1950s "beauty without cruelty" fake fur jacket in the process. Let that be a lesson to you gals!

Moving on to 2008....I also broke those vintage wayfarers (weep) and got rid of the dress and earrings, what an idiot. This outfit made me very popular with the ladies of Brighton.

 Me and my beau dressing up as a gangster and moll for Halloween 2009, I love the 1930s cloche hat I bought on ebay in 2004.

Me winning 2nd prize at Vintage at Goodwood Bad Art Salon 2010! And meeting Vic Reeves in the process!

Having a boyfriend widens the scope for what you can pick up at jumble sales... this jacket was 30p! Perfect for a cold March day in the lion enclosure of Whipsnade Zoo!

Easter Sunday was boiling this year, thank god I had this lovely 80s does 50s dress from Beyond Retro, also an excellent homemade hairband, charity shop jewellery and H&M sunnies.

 Here's me on the beach at Seaton during our amazing holiday to Devon/Dorset, just take a look at the place we stayed in!

This year I helped out in the art area of Vintage At SouthBank AND I won 1st prize of the coveted Bad Art Salon!
Here's my outifts:

and me winning 1st Prize!

  Later on in August it was my 30th Birthday Garden Fete party, there was plenty of rain, gin, sausages and guests got to take away a useless prize from the Rubbish Raffle:

Best dressed guest by far:

Finally this November was my sister's wedding and I got invite attention too as the bridesmaid with the beehive. The hairband is homemade

So that's the lot, unless I find more. I'm really looking foward to 2012 and all the dressing up opportunies it'll bring and all the lovely vintage ladies I can read about

Here's some Bing and Frank:


Misfits Vintage said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

They are all lovely - my faves are the LEOPARD COAT (YUMMM!), that gorgeous floral frock (you sitting on the picnic blanket) and that beautiful black and white beehive in the mirror shot. (I hope you don't mind me mentioning but it would be great if you could remove the word verification from comments - I promise you won't get spam without it.) Sarah xxx

Lady Cherry said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a fantastic clothing journey you have. I hardly have any photos from when we were younger, I hated having my photo taken. I love your kitchen, and the Cornish chinaware!

Miss Simmonds Says said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

will remove those annoying captchas!

Thanks guys and remember not to throw out lovely but unconventional clothes to impress men x

pastcaring said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your blog seems to have disappeared off my list, which is why I haven't commented - silly me! I'll add you back on pronto.
Now to business - great photos!
Faves - bridesmaid beehive, tan boots from being 18, the short haircut, leopard coat, pink/white stripe dress, red scarf in your hair... It would be easier to say I like it all really!
There's stuff I regret losing/giving away, etc, but hey - there's always more stuff to find right? xxxx

VintageBirdGirl said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the bridesmaid beehive hair. You look fabulous! I really like your style. I'm enjoying a sticky beak through your lovely blog. Xx

thecraftymsdevil said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love this post and yes I had a trying to dress normal and fit in phase as well, I call them the lost years!

I was thinking of doing a similar post over on my blog for my Dressing Ms De Vil project, that's if I can bare to share the photos!


Miss Simmonds Says said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

do it! I might do a bric a brac one as well. Yes, the lost years... sadly I was also fit and healthy then too, on the plus side I never got the dressing normally quite right xx

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Strange, as I went through a really heavy sixties phase and an eighties one prior to that, in fact I hung around with a group of misfit goths and new romantics in the nineties! I used to trawl charity shops for early eighties clothing and records and would dance around clubs dressed as a female Adam Ant!